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The Letter League Documentary tells the story of artist Heather Spooner of Ampersand Lettering Lab and the adult pen pal program she created during the 2020 pandemic, featuring the poignant and humorous stories of connection and humanity that came from it.


When the pandemic lockdown led to “stay at home” orders, most people felt more isolated and alone than ever. While the masses took to conducting both their professional and personal lives solely online, the lack of real human connection was palpable. At the very same time, a war (of sorts) was being waged against the US Post Office.


And that’s when it all hit Heather. She decided to pair up people from around the globe to become Pandemic Pen Pals. She wanted to foster meaningful connections during a profoundly challenging time, while also doing her own small part to help save the U.S. Post Office.


Heather put the word out to her social media followers, then sent a carefully-constructed questionnaire, trusting her followers would find solace in being matched with a pen pal and the opportunity to connect with someone unknown to them and their world. 


Soon there were hundreds of Pen Pals in 32 states and 5 countries. These often-times polar-opposites began to develop profound connections, helping each other navigate major life events and challenging personal journeys; celebrating victories and mourning losses, together.


In addition to sharing the beautiful stories of connection, we hope the film will help inspire a pen pal, letter-writing revolution. We want to remind people—or show them for the first time—of the joy of writing a letter, such an analog experience during our totally digital-connected lives we’re living. We hope this film and our planned social media campaign will help inspire people to start writing letters and connecting through paper and pen and the mail, a throwback to what feels like simpler times in a very complicated world.    

To learn more about Heather and Ampersand Lettering Lab, you can visit her website at:  

or follow Heather on Instagram:

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